Literature Circles Video by Fifth Grade Students

My fifth graders decided to direct and produce their own information video on literature circles. We were inspired by a video we watched regarding quality commenting from Langwitches Blog that you can view here.

The class made up of 18 students were so excited! They brainstormed a list of jobs that needed to be done, deciding that everyone should have two jobs.

The students then emailed the teachers they were going to interview to set up a meeting.
Other students got busy creating the script, commercial, props, and cue cards!

Finally they put together a plan for the two students who were going to the lab to put all the movie clips together.

One student, Ivan, even created a Logo for our fifth grade movie production company, you can see it at the very end of the film, after the Blooper!

It was a lot of fun and the students put a lot of hard work and creativity into it! We hope you enjoy our movie.

5Z News- literature circles from Sharyn Skrtic on Vimeo.

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