Student created screencast tutorials

Jing has been very helpful for teachers to take control of their own professional development. I know I have viewed several videos that were made by teachers using Jing in order to learn a new program or tool, the most recent being an introduction to Jellycam. So naturally, students have also begun to help instruct each other by creating helpful demonstrations for their peers.

While we don’t have Jing or another screencast tool on our classroom computers, my students were still interested in creating videos to help their classmates and other students who were not as comfortable using such programs as Bitstrips and DoInk. Not letting this stop them, they decided to just film the computer as another student talked the viewer through their actions.The following videos are the students first go at this idea. As a class we have watched and talked about how we can improve the next one.

This first video was made to help students create a character in Bitstrips.

Bitstrips Character Intro from Sharyn Skrtic on Vimeo.

The next two videos were made to help students begin their background setting in DoInk.

DoInk background intro part 1 from Sharyn Skrtic on Vimeo.

DoInk background intro part 2 from Sharyn Skrtic on Vimeo.

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  1. ron says:

    #21, Jing has a lot of limitations. I suggest using My Screen Recorder to create perfect quality screen recordings

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