If students ran Teacher Training….

During a Literature Circle Discussion, a group of students were discussing the teacher, Mr. Maxwell, in the novel, A Week in the Woods by Andrew Clements. As I was making my way around the room to the different circles going on, I stopped at this group and joined their discussion. We began talking about teachers and how they plan their days. They wanted to know if I could choose to do what ever I wanted in the classroom or was I told what to do by the school? They also wanted to know how I tried to make class more exciting for the students and how I knew if kids were interested in my class.

I was so impressed by their questions and really enjoyed the conversation we had!

After our discussion, the group of students were inspired to create a list of rules they felt teachers should follow!
This is a picture of their draft.

As I was reading this after school I began to reflect on what kind of teacher I was in the eyes of my students. Am I talking too much? Do I make an attempt to get everybody involved? Am I respectful and value the time of my students?
As a teacher, I believe these are factors we need to consider when we are planning our days and reflecting upon our lessons. Making time to gather feedback from our students should be a part of our professional development. How do you collect feedback from your students?

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