Sorting it all out (6/20)

Since I left Ohio in 2005 to teach overseas, I have had many wonderful opportunities to grow and develop my learning and teaching practices. I first learned about the IB programmes when I joined The International School of Düsseldorf in 2005 as a Grade 3 teacher. Since then, my PYP learning journey has included becoming a workshop leader, both face-to-face and online, as well as a visiting team member while continuing to dive deeper into the the PYP Enhancements and new Standards and Practices. For four summers, I spent a week learning about being an effective principal through The PTC. I graduated in 2015 and continue to reference The Standards for the International School Principal
In 2018, I was trained as a NEASC school visitor using the Learning Principles, which was timely for us at ISH we are currently preparing for our Sync Visit in 2020 with IB/CIS/NEASC. Finally, most recently I attended Cognitive Coaching training with Ochan Powell and became familiar with the Five States of Mind at the root of holonomous behavior. 

As I explore each new structure, profile or principle, I find myself working out how to put it all together, to connect all of these ideas in order to deepen my understanding. One thread that has emerged for me when reflecting on the opportunities described above is the need to take action in order to grow, self-adjust and have an impact on our students’ learning. 
As I compare these professional development opportunities, I find many similarities.

As I connect these ideas, my growing vision for educators becomes:

We must take responsibility for pursuing ongoing professional development in order to have a grasp on the most recent trends and understandings about learning, effective strategies, structures, approaches and innovations that will have an impact on the future of learning for our students.”

This reminds me of a clip from Dylan Wiliam that @DerekPinchbeck once shared with me. 

Have you made a commitment to continuously improve your practice?

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