Making Strategic Plans Happen (3/20)

In my last two schools I have taken a large role in re-envisioning the schools’ guiding statements and the structuring of their strategic plans. While the process has been different in each school, the essential elements have been the same; reviewing guiding statements, sharing progress in strategic areas, identifying both opportunities and challenges moving forward, unpacking and honoring feedback from all stakeholders in the school and referencing current educational research. 

The question that follows is how does your Strategic Plan/action plan remain influential in the ongoing development of your school? 

I have been thinking of the ways in which I support my school’s Strategic Plan and ensure it is cascading through the day to day life of the Lower School. Below are a few examples of how I do this. 

Visible Links:
Presentation slides are often used for various staff meetings and collaboration throughout the school year. In preparing these slides and agendas, I identify specific strategic elements that align with our focus to strengthen the connection between our learning and teaching practice and our Strategic Plan.

New Initiatives/Opportunities Links
When new initiatives and opportunities are shared with teachers, a connection to the Strategic Plan supports the ‘why’ behind such decisions. 

I have used the structure from Ambrose, 1987 when sharing new initiatives or changes, which allows me to directly link our school’s Strategic Plan.

Here is a sample from when we introduced steps to promote more student agency in our approaches to literacy.

Links to emergent ideas from collaborative planning
When participating in collaborative planning with teams I am able to be responsive to ideas and suggestions and highlight the connection to the Strategic Plan. 

Here is an example from a collaboration agenda that highlights a connection between new ideas and Strategic Plans. 

The Strategic thinking and planning of a school should be alive and celebrated amongst the school community.
What strategies do you have for supporting your school’s Strategic Plan? 

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