2 Decades of Teaching and Still Learning (1 of 20)

The best 5th Grade Teacher and colleague
My 5th Grade Teacher and colleague for my first 5 years of teaching.

This 2019-2020 school year marks my 20th year as an educator. My journey started in Cleveland, Ohio in the same elementary school I attended as a child. That August in 2000, I joined a wonderful team of colleagues, some of whom were my very own elementary teachers, and met my very first Grade 2 class. I will always remember that class and thank each of my students for helping me become the teacher I am today. 

After five years of teaching in Cleveland, I left the states and have since taught in international schools in Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and currently, Finland. Each year I continued to grow and learn in my practice. Each new student, class, parent, school, colleague, country taught me something that I now carry with me. 

My goal this year is to share 20 new blog posts in honour of my 20th year of teaching as I continue to learn through sharing and engaging with other educators around the world. 

Have a great school year and keep learning!

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  1. Mary leclair says:

    Go Sharon!

  2. download says:

    I like the helpful information you provide to your articles. Dawna Kain Dori

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