Do you miss the classroom?


I have been asked this question a lot over the past 7 months as I have moved into my new position this year as Assistant Principal / PYP Coordinator after 15 years of teaching.


My answer…….

Yes, I miss having ‘my class’ ………. but I love being a part of every class in the elementary school!
Yes, I miss learning alongside ‘my class’ …….. but I love that students from all the classes invite me in to be a part of their inquiries, field trips, and learning!
Yes, I miss interactions with ‘my students’ families’…… but I love discussing the school with parents from all grade levels and gaining insights from their perspectives!

With my new role comes new opportunities as well.
-coaching teachers in relation to where they are in their learning journey
-supporting and planning our Programme of Inquiry with each grade level team and integrators
-promoting and encouraging a culture of professional learning

Just to name a few

As I continue to grow into my new role, I hope I never feel like I left the classroom.
I want to always remain a part of why I am in education, for the students and their learning.

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