Situational Leadership II – Choose how to lead

LBAI’ve recently just finished my third PTC course, Leadership and Team Dynamics. During the week, each of us scored ourselves using the LBAII (Educator’s Leader Behavior Analysis II) in order to find out more about our perceptions on our leadership style. After completing this I was able to explore how flexible I am in my leadership style as well as the effectiveness of my leadership style.

Seeing as I am about to move into my first leadership position next month, Assistant Principal/PYP Coordinator, I found this to be very informative and useful.

A quick overview of Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model can be seen below. For any goal or task, the goal is to match the leadership style to the development level of the individual.   Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.40.41 am My takeaways:
-My results indicate that I do coach a lot, but I now see that not every individual calls for that type of leadership.
-I need to assess the developmental level of the teacher in relation to the task or goal in order to determine the most effective type of leadership…….Differentiate for the teachers!
-There is no one BEST leadership style, as it is situational based.

Do you feel your school leadership team members are flexible in their leadership styles?
If you are in a leadership position, how do you reflect on your leadership?

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