Is Santa too materialistic?

'Santa Claus Vector Image' photo (c) 2011, Vectorportal - license: of the activities at a recent PD session I attended with Lynn Erickson was based around developing guiding questions. Questions of different types (factual, conceptual, and provocative) that guide students thinking from concrete to abstract levels. For the PYP, these would be our teacher questions. We were to see the need for a balance between the different types of questions.

We were shown an activity in which a famous personality (deceased or living) is invited to sit at a table with you and be interviewed. You are to come up with examples of factual, conceptual, and provocative questions to ask the famous personality.


The example shared was with Santa Claus
Factual questions:
-Why do you think people perceive you as a jolly person?
-Why do you give presents to children?
-Why is Rudolph your lead reindeer?

Conceptual questions:
-Why do so many people believe in mythical figures?
-Why do mythical figures represent either ‘good’ or ‘evil’?

Provocative (Debatable) questions:
-Is Santa too materialistic?
-Should he switch from giving presents to solving problems such as climate change and scarce natural resources?

In groups we were to then brainstorm our own famous personality and create our questions. Some groups chose Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, and even God.
Just an idea for a possible faculty meeting activity or even an idea to share with grade level teams as they practice writing diverse guiding questions tied to their generalizations or central ideas.
Who would you invite and what would you ask?


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