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DoInk is a creative way for students to express their thoughts through animation. It is free, fun, and easy to use! A colleague of mine used DoInk this year as a tool for her student’s book reports. After reading aloud Crash by Jerry Spinelli, (see last post) my students created a DoInk to represent their favorite part of the book. I have included a few of them to share with you, Enjoy.

Crash —- My Favourite Sceen by 0308009, made at

crash by 0106058, made at

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2 Responses to DoInk Animation

  1. Fantastic – I love DoInk and my students do too. I’ve recently been using it with Grade 4s to show how simple machines work. Next I’m going to use it with Grade 3s as they show a natural disaster. Last year I even managed to use it with Grade 1 students without any problems. I’m checking out the iPad version too.

  2. Karen Miller says:

    Thank you for introducing DoInk to your students. I am the co-founder of DoInk & love seeing students use our tools, especially in creating book reports & for storytelling. Please let me know if I can ever answer questions about DoInk or help in anyway. As Maggie mentioned, DoInk has an iPad App that is also being used in schools. Thank you!

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