Putting #IBMO2015 into Action

20150323_134910 The IB AP Annual Conference in Macau is over and educators around Asia Pacific are heading back to their schools. The key question we should now be asking ourselves is, ‘How is this going to help my school improve student learning?’

After hearing inspiring and thought provoking keynotes from:
Ms. Julia Gillard
Dr. Michael Anderson
Prof. Fazal Rizvi, PhD

20150321_150552 (1)

and attending Breakout Sessions:
Developing International Mindedness through the integration of technology
Arts, iPads and the Creative Process
Visualizing the future: PYP/MYP/DP Network Session
Launching the IB guide to inclusive education: a resource for whole school development
Differentiation in the PYP Classroom
The Visual Arts as a platform for the exploration of social and emotional learning
Building a Professional Learning Culture
Assessment: The glue that binds teaching and learning


The following are some of my new questions as well as some actions steps for me to take.

  • Schedule a reflection follow up with the team from my school that attended the conference as we joined different breakout sessions. How can we use our take aways to support teachers and improve student learning?
  • Find out how I will get more involved in the development of education.
  • Allow students time to notice deeply and ask ‘Why’, then ‘Really why?’
  • Explore the room for creativity in all learning experiences.
  • Engage my PYP Network to discuss how we know we are supporting teachers and helping student learning to improve? What evidence can we collect? What more can we do?
  • Share the new IB guide for Inclusive Education with my school leadership team. Discuss how we can use the guide and self review framework.
  • Continue to keep differentiation and assessment as part of the dialogue during grade level team planning and reflecting.
  • Engage in an audit of our classroom practices in relation to Assessment for Learning. 

After your time in Macau, what is in your Action Plan?

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