What do your students know? Just Listen

This is just a quick reminder of one of the many different ways in which to gain information about our student’s prior knowledge.
Think about the information this pre-assessment discussion provides me in order to plan for engaging, appropriate and differentiated learning opportunities.

KSTI PreMeasure from Sharyn Skrtic on Vimeo.

Some information collected:
-student’s prior experience with measurement (i.e. grocery store)
-student’s current vocabulary (i.e. insulator)
-student’s current misconceptions (what Celsius temperatures mean)
-properties of containers to judge capacity (width, height)

Would I have gained this much information from having the students complete an independent worksheet?

Students construct meaning by drawing on their prior knowledge and experiences. As a teacher, the more I find out and acknowledge what students already know and can do, the more I can challenge them beyond their current understandings.

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