Be careful, don’t make a mess!

Even though I am a true neat freak, I love allowing the students the freedom to get messy!
Students become free from inhibitions and just enjoy the experience. Oh yea, they usually learn something too.

This is easily done through experiments, although there are many other ways.
The following two pictures are from students experimenting with making slime!

Involving food is not only relevant, but the aroma also seems to invite in surprise (hungry) visitors to your classroom.
My students made pancakes and popcorn during a UOI on Matter.

Allowing children to paint and express their ideas and emotions can be very powerful.
You can learn a lot about your students by giving them the opportunity to freely express themselves.

No child should go through elementary school without making a volcano! Another favorite from the Matter UOI.

Just today, we took an old classic, Diet Coke and Mentos, and filmed a slow motion version for our blogs. A lot of students have seen many youtube videos of the experiment but were excited to actually conduct the experiment themselves.

5Z – Coca-Cola and Menthos Slow Motion from Colin Gallagher on Vimeo.

Go on, let things get messy, get your hands dirty, and have fun!

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